Your MSP’s Guide to Writing Engaging Blog Posts for Your Prospects

Welcome to the first new MSP Sales and Marketing Toolkit of the year!

For those of you just joining us: each week, we give you an actionable marketing template or tool that you can use to boost your MSP’s sales and marketing initiatives.

To help you kick off 2022 on a high note, we’re offering you a sample blog post template and a guide to help you make the most of it. 


Establish the narrative you want to tell

There’s a glut of content marketing and promotion in the world right now – so if you want to stand out, you can’t jump in without a second thought to have the best chance of distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

For example, anyone can promote an upcoming webinar or pitch their SOC services to an end user online – but only you can talk about what motivated you and your MSP to put together a webinar about a certain vulnerability or a common cyber concern that you keep hearing during consultations with your clients, about the work you put into solving these problems, and some of the challenges you faced along the way.

Your unique narrative will always be more compelling than LinkedIn Post #13 about how SMBs need to invest in Email or Endpoint Protection.

Decide the blog post format that suits your narrative

Once you’ve decided on the content you want to deliver, you’ll have to map out how you want to deliver it. While some blog posts will work best in a traditional narrative format, it may be more challenging to engage readers with what looks like a longer form piece.

Do you want to create a shorter, more compelling hook? Or do you want to deliver the value of your content in a more digestible list format? It’s all about finding that balance.

And to help you get started…

We’ve attached a sample blog post template that you can post to your own website. Stay tuned for even more content coming in the next weeks, or reach out to us here to get access to our 100+ premium content templates.