Your MSP’s Guide to Fighting Webinar Fatigue

Welcome back to SKOUT’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. We’re kicking off September with Tips to help you fight off webinar fatigue and stay sticky in the mind of your prospects.

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Have you ever planned out a live webinar, put a painstaking amount of time into the registration page and then launched it on your social platforms and email lists to just get almost no sign-ups at all?

Generally, if you’re not getting the warm reception you were hoping for, there are 2 things you may want to re-evaluate:

Whether Your Call to Action Is Compelling Enough

You can have the most stunning promotional material, the most convincing copy talking about why your webinar is one that you shouldn’t miss – but it all comes down to having a Call to Action that will actually get someone to pull the trigger and complete a registration for your content.

If you’d like an example of a CTA that works – SKOUT Partners leverage our sales tools to offer personalized sessions where they review a business’ current security measures and offer actionable steps they can take to improve their security.

So why is this call to action so strong?

In a nutshell, the CTA is personalized for the prospect – it gives them individually a benefit in the valuable insights for their specific company.

And this is even before you introduce giveaways to drive additional registrations and add an extra incentive for people to give their time.

Whether Your Content Will Resonate with The Right Audience

Always be thinking about the customer.

If you’re designing a webinar to show off your MSP’s security services,  it’s tempting to show off the most technically impressive things – offering 24/7 monitoring, explaining why your solution can help them build resilience against cyber crimes.

But it’ll be more effective to do research on WHAT your customers are worried about and build webinars around how your MSP helps them fix those problems. If you need some ideas on what concerns your peers are covering in their webinars, we surveyed MSPs on their top concerns in our Cyber-as-a-Service Report for MSPs (The top concerns we found were Ransomware and Business Email Compromise).

And during the webinar itself….

It’s easy to find enough content to fill an hour. But almost every webinar has a bunch of guys talking into their webcams for 60 minutes.

So try and get your audience involved. If you’re using Zoom to record your webinars, use the Q&A function to gather questions from the audience during your show! Have a team member engage with your audience in the chat and ask your own questions.

Starting that conversation and keeping the communication going throughout the event is key towards putting on a good show and fighting off webinar fatigue.

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