Why Your Social Media Presence Matters (And How You Can Maintain It)

Welcome back to SKOUT’s Sales and Marketing Tips. This week, we’ll be talking about how you can put together a winning social media strategy. We’ll also give you five social media posts that will let you show your expertise on the social network of your choice at the end of this post. 


If you made a New Year’s resolution last month, I want to know – have you stuck with it? Or have you given up?

I’m not asking to shame you – It’s just that posting social media regularly can feel like a marathon. Your audience (and those pesky algorithms) favor those who publish consistently – even daily. And it’s a hell of a commitment. And if you’ve caught yourself thinking “maybe I’ll just take a cheat day” with your resolution, you might think that way about publishing something.

And for good reason! Your hands are probably full delivering and selling cyber-as-a-service to your clients and prospects. There’s barely enough time in the day to do the work you’re already doing without another commitment.

But believe it or not, your social media presence isn’t just the place where people can get up to date on your MSP – it’s your opportunity to be the authority – on cybersecurity and in IT.

Becoming the Authority

Your MSP can position itself as the brand to turn to for any cybersecurity and IT problems by publishing content that displays the broad amount of knowledge you hold.

By sharing this knowledge, you’re also offering value to your audience, and it’ll help you establish yourself and your MSP as an authority in your field.

Creators vs. Curators

So at this point, you may be asking yourself, “But what do I have to say? What can I add to the conversation?”

Some people have said that there are two types of people – creators and curators. If you already know what you want to offer to your audience, maybe you’re a creator.

But you can also always be a curator.

Maybe you can talk about breaches you see in the news and use them to explain cyber risk to your prospects.

You can break down technical terms that people unfamiliar with the MSP channel might not recognize in order to help your prospects understand the cyber and MSP landscapes.  

This way, you’ll be able to make conversations surrounding cybersecurity and MSPs more accessible – and if you can do this consistently, prospects and customers may turn to you for their cyber needs.

Positioning Your Page (and Your Personal Account)

As for creating a solid social media framework, we recommend using multiple channels to offer this value. You can use your company page to keep people updated on the latest webinars, awards and other news surrounding your brand – you can even offer resources to offer the value we discussed.

But you may also want to consider using your CEO’s social media presence to further establish your MSP as a vital authority. After all, sharing industry news and other educational posts is more suited for personal accounts than a company page.

By establishing your CEO as an individual leader in the channel, and your MSP as a company that can meet the needs of your prospects, you’ll be able to establish a position of strength.

And to help you get started…

Here are five social media posts packed with value to offer your prospects. Feel free to post these on your company page (or give them to your industry leader.) As always, if you need additional content, you can unlock more social posts and premium marketing campaigns in a box in the SKOUT Partner Portal.