What sets SKOUT apart?

SKOUT offers MSPs a best-in-class Partner Experience based off their needs and pain points. SKOUT’s cyber-as-a-service products are designed to eliminate the hidden cost of inefficiency, allowing MSPs to spend less energy configuring and managing different solutions and focus on the three or five incidents that need remediation.


Problems We Solve


Addressing Your MSP’s Priorities

At SKOUT, we know that vendors cannot use a “one-size-fits-all” approach with cyber for MSPs. Every company has different needs, so we offer our channel partners the individual attention and specific solutions they need to monitor and neutralize threats.


Your Feedback Shapes Our Roadmap

Every month, we sit down with our Partners to hear their feedback. We’ve designed our platform to work with your existing cyber investments and integrate with some of the best ticketing systems in the channel to optimize your workflow and your margins.

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Concentric Rings of Protection

In the event that an attacker is able to get past one layer of your defenses, SKOUT’s platform offers MSPs multiple layers of protection to prevent cyber criminals from accessing or exfiltrating your sensitive data.


Direct Lines of Communication

The key to any successful partnership is communication. Every SKOUT Partner can call our SOC for any cyber problem, and every thorough security alert comes from a real SOC analyst.

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Specialized Sales Education and Support

Every SKOUT Partner receives complimentary training in SKOUT’s proven sales process. As they start growing their own cyber-as-a-service business, they’ll also be able to leverage over 100 sales and marketing tools and resources designed to help them convert prospects to paying customers.

Skout helped us bring our security and operations forward dramatically by being so responsive and detail-oriented. The whole team is really great to work with. — Yoni Rechtman
No other MSP’s have people on staff with the security experience of those at SkOUT. The caliber just isn’t the same. — Chris Algerio, CIO
At AllazoHealth, we are committed to maintaining industry-leading security. Skout has done a great job of adding another layer of enhanced security feature to our environment. — Clifford Jones, CEO

Equipping Your Team

Cybersecurity is a complicated topic that can take attention and investment away from the day-to-day demands of any company. We’re here to close the gap between the executive suite and the technical experts with user-friendly resources that make it easier than ever to understand and implement protocols that keep all of your systems safe and secure.

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