Why Fear-Based Marketing Doesn’t Work (and What Does)

With that annual holiday spike in cyber crime, maybe you’ve had the thought of bringing up a real vulnerability to give some more impact to your elevator pitches, or to talk about what your MSP does to help their business stand up to emerging threats.

​​​​​But there’s a reason our Partner Sales Process focuses more on matter-of-fact education and about offering prospects the support they need. And today, we want to dive into exactly why selling through fear doesn’t work (and what our Partners are actually doing to scale their cyber operations).​​​​​​


The right prospects are already worried. 

Look back on the past year. We’ve seen unprecedented supply chain attacks. Threat actors have been targeting more and more MSPs in order to get access to as many SMBs as possible. The FBI and CISA have been working overtime with all the new vulnerabilities making their way through the news cycle. 

Prospects that understand cyber risk are either already aware of the problem and are looking for the right MSP for them, or will understand that cybersecurity is a problem they can’t solve alone when they get a clear look at the cyber landscape. 

That’s why Barracuda MSP Partners always ask if their clients and prospects believe that cybersecurity is a problem for them. It’s a crucial step in our Sales Process, and it helps Partners identify who will truly give their cyber problems the attention and action they need. Higher quality prospects will understand that cybersecurity is a process, not just about any one product, and will proactively work with you to solve their cyber problems. 

Why you need to build a relationship based on trust

When you were younger, did you ever hear the saying “Treat other people how you’d want to be treated?”

Because it’s true, cybersecurity and emerging threats can seem intimidating to anyone unfamiliar with the landscape. As an MSP, you probably didn’t start out with a totally mature managed service offering – maybe you had to evolve by jumping from break-fix to your current model. 

The truth is that the cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and so is the MSP industry. Do you really want to be the jerk trying to exploit the uncertainty that growing businesses are operating in right now?

Wouldn’t it be better to be the reassuring voice of reason, that lays out all of the facts and statistics at a client’s feet and explains what their current security framework protects in clear, honest terms and then proposes the value that your MSP brings to the table? 

By becoming an authority backed by multiple sources and MSPs that validate your points, you’ll be able to truly stand out as an authority in the channel and from your competition. 

This week’s resource  

Here are two prospecting email templates that you can use to demonstrate your MSP’s value to your prospects.