Using Word-of-Mouth to Write Your Campaigns for You

Welcome back to SKOUT’s Sales and Marketing Tips. This week, we’ll be talking about how you can apply the power of social proof to your sales and marketing content. And to help you start putting these tips into practice, we’ll be giving you two free sales emails to send to your prospects. You can scroll down and get access now.


48% of the MSPs we surveyed for our 2021 Cyber-as-a-Service Report listed Word of Mouth and Referrals as their top sources of new prospects.

That’s really powerful.

And while MSPs and people in the cyber landscape have already harnessed social proof and recommendations to put together some really strong testimonials on social media, you can use word of mouth to write some powerful copy for your marketing campaigns and sales emails.

Here’s how:

Target the specific cyber problems your customers are facing

When you sit down with your prospects and customers, ask them about what they need in a cybersecurity solution, and their biggest cyber concerns.

Does ransomware or business email compromise keep them up at night? Are they worried about a disgruntled employee downloading and exfiltrating your sensitive data?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can avoid writing generic copy and target your prospects and customers by mentioning what matters to them.

Identify your MSP’s strengths from your prospects and customers

Here’s where information from your referrals and testimonials can come in. As you look through the reviews, and listen to your customers (or even ask them questions to find the insights you might be looking for!), you might find some common thread.

Offering 24/7/365 monitoring sounds powerful.

But offering affordable and easy cybersecurity for [YOUR SPECIFIC NEED/PAIN POINT]? That’s the bullseye you should aim for.

Putting together the perfect email or campaign isn’t about stylish copy or the best tagline – your key to success is understanding what your MSP does for your customers, and what your cyber-as-a-service stack can do for your products.

And to help you position your messaging…

Here are two free sales email templates that you can use to get started. I hope they help you demonstrate immediate value to your prospects and customers.

Until next week!