Using Account Based Marketing to Thank Your End Users and Prospects

Happy Thanksgiving!

Breaking from the educational content for a second – it’s been a pleasure putting together these resources for you and the MSP community for nearly a year now. 

With back-to-back holidays on the horizon, we’d like to give you some inspiration for holiday gifts or Thanksgiving presents to help you get some clout with clients and prospects. 


What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) allows your MSP marketing team to focus on selling to your ideal accounts. Whether you’re catering to them with personal messages, content made just for them, or even holiday gifts, you’re executing a campaign built to convert them into customers. 

How you can use ABM for your holiday campaigns

If you’ve set aside some of your marketing budget for some holiday gifts to thank your  current customers or to offer your prospects, you can use ABM to max out the value of the funds you have. 

When you’re deciding which accounts and prospects to target, you can prioritize your funds to offer a few really nice gifts for those ideal customers to nurture (or build!) those relationships. You can create lower tiers for your other customers to give away other gifts. 

And to help you get started…

We’ve enclosed a Holiday Campaign Planning Worksheet so that you can organize your holiday planning efforts.

We also wanted to remind you that if you’re looking some additional cyber support to account for the spike in cyber crime that comes with the holidays – we’ll be giving some actionable Tips away at our next Fireside Chat.

Thanks again for sticking with us – see you next week!