Understanding the Current Cyber Landscape to Close More Deals

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We’ve always talked about how important it is to offer value through education, but we’ve never really addressed how difficult it can be to talk about cybersecurity.

Sure, it may be easy for MSPs as industry professionals – but for some people, last year’s massive breaches might be the first time that cyber has caught the attention of a potential prospect. And reports are warning people that things are only going to get worse from here, as foreign state attacks and ransomware to intensify in 2021.

There’s no doubt that cybersecurity’s going to be an important topic in the near future.

So today, we’ll be giving a quick breakdown of the existing cyber landscape, so that your meetings with prospects and existing customers won’t leave them confused or unconvinced of why they need your cyber-as-a-service solutions to protect themselves from emerging threats.

What does cybersecurity entail?

Although the media (or even security vendors) may depict cyber threats through cryptic graphics of men in hoodies and locks, as an experienced cyber professional, you know that there’s far more to someone’s digital security than a shadowy individual looking to steal your data.

cybersecurity graphic

That nuance is what you need to explain to a prospect or a customer when you’re talking about cybersecurity. If you can frame the conversation around things they need to protect – their company’s bank accounts, their confidential emails, their database of sensitive customer information, they’ll understand what cybersecurity does, and what it involves.

And most importantly, you need to explain to them that cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination.

No piece of software – and no person – is foolproof. There will always be a new weak point for threat actors to target, and it’s easier than ever for someone to fall for a phishing email. The only way to truly be safe is to continue updating your defenses and training your staff to recognize suspicious activity. The cyber landscape is always changing, and it’s vital that you and your customers keep up.

What does the current cybersecurity landscape look like?

Outside of the growing number of cyber criminals and breaches on the horizon, MSPs are facing four major roadblocks when it comes to selling and delivering cybersecurity.

  1. Finding Cyber Talent – Although there’s a massive demand for cybersecurity talent, there aren’t enough professionals in the field to meet that demand. Because of this massive shortage in cyber talent, even if a growing MSP had the funds to build a dedicated cybersecurity team, they might not be able to find employees to fill their vacancies.
  2. Talking About Cyber Risk – Discussions around cybersecurity are going nowhere. End users from growing small-to-medium sized businesses don’t understand what cyber risk is, and some don’t realize they have a problem until they get hit with an attack.
  3. Managing Cyber Solutions – Offering cybersecurity is incredibly difficult. Often, delivering a cybersecurity solution involves maintaining multiple security tools at once, and struggling to automate them.
  4. Figuring Out How to Offer the Ideal Solution – But despite these challenges, end users are still looking for cyber solutions that offer high value for a low cost, that are easy to use.
cybersecurity guide graphic

This situation sounds pretty dire – but thankfully, that’s where you come in.

By offering a cyber-as-a-service solution, you’re addressing all 4 problems at once:

  1. A managed cyber-as-a-service solution eliminates the need to find and pay for a full team of industry professionals to operate 24/7 for 365 days a year. Instead, your security partner’s team, armed with monitoring solutions will be on standby to detect incidents and then walk you through any necessary remediation.
  2. Working with a cybersecurity partner may shed some insight on how to speak with a prospect or a customer about cyber without resorting to deep technical talk or fearmongering. Oftentimes, SKOUT’s MSP partners find conversations about prioritizing the data that a business needs to protect, and outlining the potential risk of a breach can go a long way in helping a customer understand and acknowledge the existence of cyber risk, and encourage them to move forward with selecting a cybersecurity solution.
  3. The best managed cyber solutions will optimize your workflow by automating and managing a lot of the time-consuming maintenance you deal with on a daily basis. Solutions like SKOUT also make sure you’re seeing a return on your original investments by creating integrations that work with your existing cybersecurity to increase your system’s defenses, and by centralizing all of your cyber log data in one dashboard.
  4. By working with an existing and proven solution, MSPs will be able to lower their costs and SMBs can rest assured that they’re being protected by a high value solution. And the best cyber solutions will increase ease of use by making it easy to work with all of your cyber services from one convenient location.

Of course, your conversations with customers should revolve around what they want to protect most, and the solutions they need.

But if they ever struggle to grasp the real risks, now you can explain what is at stake – and how you’re here to save them from some of the truly dangerous cyber criminals that are active today.

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