With close to 20 locations operating Theme Parks with hundreds of thousands of endpoints and exists in a large network environment. Just imagine how many times almost-25 million annual visitors use their credit cards while they are enjoying the Theme Park?

SkOUT SECURE INTELLIGENCE conducted a proprietary penetration test and assessment and found there were multiple instances of non-encrypted data. Even though network was being regularly tested, SkOUT detected security issues no other Cybersecurity service had found before.
Additionally, various locations were vulnerable to both financial and physical terror attacks. Using SkOUT SONAR Dark Web Monitoring, SkOUT began constantly monitoring chatter on the dark web to listen in for any mentions of Theme Park locations.

In addition, due to the various medical information logged in to their network in the event of a guest injury, SkOUT discovered that unbeknownst to them, data needed to be up to HIPPA regulations, and SkOUT worked to bring their system up to the necessary level of compliance.

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