The Anatomy of an Effective Sales Email

Welcome back to SKOUT’s Sales and Marketing Tips. This week, we’re taking a deep dive into the anatomy of an effective sales email. We’ll walk you through a successful sales email formula to help drive interest in your MSP’s cyber-as-a-service practice.


Are you struggling with stagnant open and response rates?

I’ve been there – and if you’re struggling to compose new material, here are 4 mini-Tips that you can use to experiment with your sales emails – feel free to take advantage of what works and what doesn’t:

Tip #1: Keep your subject lines as short as possible

How often do you check your email on your phone?

When I check my email, I’ll often see meandering subject lines and the dreaded “…” as the subject line trails off along with my attention span.

That’s why several sales authorities agree that keeping your subject lines within a few words helps increase your open and response rates. Your subject line is one of the very first impressions that it will make on a user. Think about the decision maker you’re attempting to target – whether they’re a business owner or a CTO — and choose the two or three words that makes the most sense for your audience.

Tip #2: Make sure your personalization is in the first sentence

The first sentence in an email preview sets the tone for your email and determines what a prospect does with it – they’re far more likely to open an email specifically catering to them. The best part is that you don’t have to necessarily know or mention something intentionally personal – instead look for a piece of content (an article they shared, a statistic or even a graphic) that connects back to their company and mention it to kick things off – you may find it much easier to establish a rapport that way. As long as the attempted personalization is relatable to them, you’ll be one step closer to booking a meeting.

Tip #3: Establish the challenge your security stack solves

This likely is the easiest part of writing a sales email – with cyber criminals deploying supply chain and mass ransomware attacks and the constant evolution of the cyber landscape, it’s easy to name what’s at stake for an SMB without proactive protection and monitoring.

Once you’ve established the problem in a calm and educational way that does not fear monger, you can explain how your cyber-as-a-service practice and your MSP helps you stand up to these threats with 24/7/365 monitoring and AI-powered protection, all backed by an experienced Security Operations Center (just as an example!).

Tip #4: Introduce a strong Call to Action

Maybe you’ve been asking for a few minutes of time with no luck. In that case, you might want to consider tweaking your call to action – maybe you need to keep nurturing this prospect, but it’s worth asking if this information, or your security stack, would be valuable to this organization.

And some templates to put these rules into action

Here are two free sales email templates to help you reach out to your prospects. If you’re a SKOUT Partner, don’t forget to download your full email sequence in our Partner Portal now.