Start with Just One Interaction

Welcome back to SKOUT’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips.

Can you believe we’ve published 30 of these already? Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with us so far – I hope you’ve been able to put your Toolkits to good use, and it means a lot to me that you’ve stuck around.

Speaking of meaningful relationships… I’ve got a challenge for you.


We’ve talked about creating and maintaining a social media presence that offers value to your prospect. But there’s one aspect of your team’s social media presence that can play a major factor in both organic growth and creating meaningful relationships in the channel.

Virtual Networking.

Sounds very official and all, right? Maybe your first thought when you see those words are the sponsor booths at digital events, where faceless reps are waiting to help out.

But virtual networking is a lot simpler and more effective than people give it credit for – and here’s how you can get started in the first 10 minutes of your workday.

From Likes and Reactions to Comments and Reshares

Do you ever take a few minutes to scroll through LinkedIn in the morning? Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own social media posts or just blindly liking posts, you can turn this browsing on your personal profile into a robust professional network.

During these 10 or 20 minutes, feel free to share content that’s primarily valuable to your prospects (the occasional article or two related to your fellow MSPs might not hurt on your personal page!) If you’ve got a moment, throw in a sentence or two with your thoughts or pointing out why it’s useful to your audience.

The MSP community is one of the most supportive communities out there – so don’t hesitate to throw your reactions in the comments and potentially start a conversation with a new connection.

Start With Just One Interaction

That’s my challenge to you for this morning. Start with just one comment or one reshare. Start engaging with the community and with your prospects, and the conversations will come. You can even pay it forward and tag your Sales Team to start sending introductory messages to their latest connections and sharing educational content that will help their prospects. (We’ve even got some templates on back log to help you and your team get started.)

This week’s complimentary Toolkit

To help you keep conversations going with prospects, here are 10 talking points that you can bring up in a conversation with prospects. You can use these as inspiration to give decision makers some actionable tips that they can take to help their security posture. (This week, we’re featuring our new Self-Service Cobranding Section of the SKOUT Partner Portal, where you can add your own logo and company colors to SKOUT’s resources.)

And as a special bonus, I’m throwing in a special trivia question! If you get it correct, don’t hesitate to use this factoid to illustrate cyber risk to prospects. The answer will be revealed in next week’s Toolkit.

How many emails to small and medium-sized businesses are malicious?

  1. 1 in 121 emails
  2. 1 in 323 emails
  3. 1 in 424 emails
  4. 1 in 607 emails