SkOUT SONAR™ - Dark Web Surveillance and Analytics


SkOUT SONAR™ alerts you when hackers or others are detected as intending to use websites, forums, and social media to coordinate cyberattacks. We can monitor a wide range of sources including Dark Web, Cyber Crime Forums, IRC Channels, App Stores, and Paste sites.

The Dark Web is a tangled corner of the internet comprised of stolen data, compromised credentials and potentially damaging amounts of personal information. It’s untraceable, unindexed and growing. Our cloud monitoring solutions include identity monitoring that uses proprietary technology and skilled personnel to continuously scan the deep and dark web to find current and potential threats that you need to be made aware of.

Key Features

Real-Time Dark Web Monitoring

Cloud Based AI Analytics

Coordinated Attack Alerting

Advanced Threat Protection

PII Surveillance

Executive Reporting

What You Get:

See your Risk with real time dark web monitoring. If your data is leaked, we’ll show you how to take control.

See your Risk with attack surveillance. When the bad guys are looking for information about you or your company, SkOUT can show you what they’re looking for and how to protect it.

See your Risk faster than the rest of the world does. With Artificial Intelligence powering our analytics and research, we’re already alerting you when others are trying to keep up.

See your Risk on your entire network with Advanced Threat Protection and Endpoint Management, deployed quickly and easily.

Benefits of Deploying


SkOUT SONAR™ detects and alerts you when hackers or others intend to use websites, forums, and social media to coordinate cyber attacks against your network. For example, SkOUT will alert you if your organization’s name appears on a target list, or if we find a hacker’s bid to attack your organization in online forums. 


Secret data is often leaked from within organizations, which can be caused by hackers who penetrated the organization, or by frustrated or careless employees. SkOUT SONAR™ detects and alerts you when your secret data is leaked to the web and may be used against them in the future. Leaked data can include user names and passwords that could be used to log into employees’ accounts, confidential documents, or internal network information.


Social media has become an important arena for branding, marketing, and communicating. As such, many hackers create and manage fake accounts and applications in order to seduce innocent customers and steal their personal data, which can adversely affect your brand’s reputation. SkOUT SONAR™ detects and alerts you about fake pages, profiles, applications, and harmful posts which could damage your reputation.


One of the most common social-engineering attacks is phishing, which can be done by spear-phishing, e-mails, or phishing sites. In order to execute this attack, the hacker must first open a fake domain in order to host the phishing site, or send the spear phishing        e-mail. SkOUT SONAR offers early detection for potential phishing domains soon after they are registered, and provides you the opportunity to mitigate any attack.


SkOUT has developed a unique method that allows for detection and reporting when information has been indexed by search engines and can be exploited by hackers to attack. Examples of exploitable data include web vulnerabilities that are made public, published information about your internal confidential network, databases, and software.


The top executives at your organization are some of your most important assets. SkOUT SONAR™ detects and alerts you if hackers intend to attack an executive, or if secret data or personal data of an executive has been leaked. SkOUT will also alert you about fake
VIP social media profiles.