SKOUT’s Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Sales Emails That Get Replies

Thanks for checking out SKOUT’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. Each week, we’re breaking down the secrets to creating materials that will help you sell and deliver cyber-as-a-service. This week, we’ll be offering you a step-by-step guide breaking down the most important components of a great sales email, with everything that we wanted to knew when we were starting out.

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In the new normal, people’s inboxes are more crowded than ever. So how do you save your sales and marketing emails from being buried at the bottom of your prospect’s inbox?

Let’s divide up the writing of a sales email into two parts: What you see when the email arrives in an inbox (the subject line and description) and what the user has to click and open it.

First Impressions Are Everything

Let’s start with what a prospect sees when they see your email at the top of the inbox.

Here are the three fundamentals for getting a subject to open a marketing or sales email.

  1. Explain your value in your subject line. Your prospects are busy, and you’re busy too. Condense your message’s value proposition in a single sentence (Here’s an example: How our cybersecurity solution can help you with [Pain Point]). By giving our prospect a reason to click your email, you’ll immediately stand out from the generic cold emails your prospect might be immediately deleting.
  2. Don’t skimp on the subtitle. Maybe you’ve done it while you had a few seconds before your next meeting, or maybe you’ve done this right when your bus is about to pull into the station, and everyone is starting to get their things together – plenty of people peek at the first few sentences of a message before they actually open it. That’s why you should try to make it memorable. Don’t hesitate to keep it simple though – if you’re writing about an offer, don’t hesitate to say “Learn how [MSP Name] can secure your data and give you your peace of mind with [best offer detail here].
  3. Take advantage of social proof. Anyone can claim to do anything. But prospects will put faith in you if you can talk about how you’ve helped [X] number of clients protect their data.

Nailing the Content

Convincing the prospect to open your email is half the battle, but here’s a quick formula you can use to make sure your content can convert more prospects into customers.

  1. Explain the value proposition from your subject line. Focus on the incentive for prospects to follow your CTA (First two sentences)
  2. Talk about how your product and your promotion follows through on the promises you’re making (Next two sentences)
  3. Make it quick and easy for your prospect to take the next step. Invite your readers to sign up or make the most of your deal (CTA)
  4. Take a sentence or two to address the most common objections to your product and demonstrate how your product can overcome them (start of paragraph 2)
  5. And indicate that the value you’re demonstrating here is just a taste of what your MSP can offer them. (end of paragraph 2)
  6. Let your prospect visualize your value proposition and use a graphic of your product, or of your promotion – You don’t necessarily need fancy illustrations if you can demonstrate your value in action.
  7. Wrap up with a personal invitation to the prospect to reach out  about making the most of your offer and your product

Attention spans are short, and your emails should be too.

Be honest with yourself. Do you read every line of every marketing email that arrives on your doorstep? Your prospects are busy, and you’re busy too  – so focus on the value you can offer them and do it fast. Every word counts.

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