SKOUT’s New Alert System Makes Remediation Easier than Ever for MSPs


For years, SKOUT has been on a crusade to make selling and delivering cyber-as-a-service easier for MSPs. We’ve built our cyber-as-a-service software to match the MSP community’s needs, and we’ve continually developed and improved our ticketing system integrations to optimize your workflow.

Now, we’ve extended these improvements to our own alert system. Our new Security Operations Center tickets now present information on a potential incident in a clear and concise manner. This new system will offer a more convenient line of communication with the SOC, and lays out clear steps to remediation for any type of incident.  

So how have we improved our alerts?

The New System Processes Threats and Streamlines Incident Response for You

SKOUT’s new security alert format has been designed to make understanding a threat easier than ever. With our new tickets, we clarify what the incident was, which activity triggered an email alert, which devices and users are affected, and how it occurred in a straightforward manner so that it’s easier to understand.

We took your feedback and also made incident response easier for you. We’ve laid out our remediation guidance step by step, so you can understand how an incident happened and how you can respond. Every ticket also includes the complete raw data in a dedicated section.

New Look, Feel and From Address

We want to make sure that our security alerts are immediately recognizable. That’s why we’ve revamped how the tickets look, made a new header, and changed our “From Address.” New alerts will come from [email], and you’ll immediately know when we’ve detected a potential incident.

(While SKOUT is still in the middle of its crusade on email parsing rules, we invite our partners to update their parsing rules to reflect the new from address.)

A Direct Line of Communication to a SOC Analyst

The key to any successful partnership is communication. Every SOC Alert opens a line of communication between you and one of SKOUT’s accredited analysts. You can contact them with any of your concerns. Partners can now also provide instant feedback on their experience with their interaction with our SOC on alerts and email requests.  

The Best is Yet to Come

We have made a lot of changes to our product in the past year. We now have a self-service, two-way ticketing integration with ConnectWise and are previewing integrations for ServiceNow and Autotask. If you are interested in getting setup with these features, reach out to the SOC or your Channel Account Manager.

As the number of attackers and cyber risks continue to grow, SKOUT remains committed to making cyber-as-a-service easy for MSPs, to ensure that everyone in the channel is safe. We’re determined to make sure that remediation is easier than ever, and we’ll continue to build up our platform to ensure that cybersecurity is accessible to anyone that needs it.