SkOUT Email Protection available with NeverBlinkTM

Email has traditionally been hard to secure without restricting employees and impacting the needs of the business. SkOUT Email Protection makes it simple for employees to identify dangerous emails without affecting their ability to do their jobs.

Email Protection is an integrated solution that works alongside your existing email platform (G-Suite, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange). It combines algorithmic, computer vision, Bayesian, and behavioral analysis scanning techniques to root out deceptive emails including phishing, fraud, spam, brand impersonation, and other malicious or unwanted emails.

End users will then see three visual classifications for emails:

Gray banner: email is not malicious or spam. The end user can work safely with this email.

Yellow banner: email may be a phishing attempt, spam, or other malicious behavior. While there is not enough information to make a definitive classification, the user should exercise caution. Reasons for the warning are clearly displayed.

Red banner: email is malicious, spam or other dangerous email. Users should not interact with this email and it is automatically moved to the junk or spam folder. Reasons for the warning are clearly displayed.


  • -Integrated with your existing email platform and does not require installations or management on-site
  • -No need to turn over control of DNS MX records, the technology simply routes the email through the filter system and then to the end user’s inbox
  • -Brings in the end user, a vital part of managing email security
  • -Raises awareness and educates users about potential cybersecurity threats
  • -No disruption of work or delay in email delivery
  • -Users can report emails they believe are misclassified
  • -Emails remain completely private and the body of the email is never reported to SkOUT
  • -Reporting through NeverBlinkTM gives real-time security alerts
  • -Provides greater peace of mind about email security
Email Protection is fully integrated with NeverBlinkTM 24/7 monitoring, and activity is tracked and reported regularly for a complete picture of email security across the organization.

With Email Protection, SkOUT makes sure everyone can find trouble before trouble finds you.