SkOUT Email Protection available with NeverBlinkTM

SkOUT wants to make email security easy and user-friendly for everyoneEmail has traditionally been challenging to secure without restricting employees and getting in the way of business. But SkOUT Email Protection makes it simple for all employees to identify dangerous emails without interrupting day-to-day work.

Combining multiple scanning techniques, Email Protection quickly spots phishing, fraud, spam, brand impersonation, malicious and unwanted emails, and visually classifies the email into three categories:

Gray: email is not malicious or spam.

Yellow: email may be a phishing attempt, spam, or other malicious behavior. Reasons for warning are clearly displayed.

Red: email is malicious, spam or other dangerous email. Users should not interact with this email and it is automatically moved to the junk or spam folder.

Email Protection ensures all users are able to effortlessly identify email attacks and have a better understanding of cybersecurity threats. And the IT team can rest easy knowing activity is tracked and reported as part of NeverBlinkTM 24/7 monitoring, so they can get a clear understanding of email security across the organization.

SkOUT Email Protection: simplifying email security without interrupting business.