SKOUT Continues Its Campaign Against Email Parsing Rules

How It Started

For far too long, vendors have neglected their MSP partners, forcing them to create tangled webs of email parsing rules and use ineffective email notifications for their ticketing systems.

To help MSP service desk managers stuck at the mercy of the enemy, SKOUT introduced its ConnectWise integration. Our first battle against the enemy unleashed a simple two-way, self-service solution that set us on the path to eliminating vendor email notifications entirely.

How It’s Going

Now, SKOUT is ready to launch the next stage of its crusade to completely phase out email notifications and make MSP lives easier. When we revealed our ConnectWise solution, a lot of our partners said, “This is great, but I wish we had this for OUR ticketing system,” we knew we had to improve our API so that it can easily integrate with every system.

So we did. Now, our arsenal includes straightforward integrations with Autotask and ServiceNow. Our latest additions bring our self-service solution to a majority of ticketing systems in the channel, and liberates our MSP partners from digging through vendor email notifications.

In the spirit of centralizing all of your security tools into one convenient dashboard, you can now view all Autotask and ServiceNow tickets directly from the Customer Security Dashboard at any time.


With ConnectWise, Autotask, and ServiceNow behind them, SKOUT is ready to launch its next attack on email parsing rules. We still have partners using Kaseya, Solarwinds, NinjaRMM and other software still under the tyrannical grasp of email notifications, and we are not going to stop until every MSP is free to turn off their email parsing rules, for good.

Our new integrations are packed with requested features, and ready to make our partners’ ticketing system more efficient. We are committed to making MSPs’ lives easier, one system at a time.