WFH Security Bundle

AI Powered Remote Worker Protection

At SKOUT, we are committed to make cybersecurity accessible to all by enabling MSPs to deliver cybersecurity-as-a-service. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is driving many organizations around the world to rapidly adopt a work-from-home policy.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) and ransomware are the top two threats that MSPs and SMBs are facing in today’s cyber-landscape. To enable MSPs to rapidly respond the changing landscape, SKOUT has designed a package specifically for companies with remote employees. Each product is backed by our 24×7 365 Security Operations Center and extensive technical and go-to-market support. 

Prevents and Detects BEC

A compromised business email account gives hackers a key to the entire business. Stop attackers before a major problem occurs.


A remote workforce requires a user-friendly product suite. Prevent and detect threats in the background while users work.

SIEM Analysis

Logs are ingested into our SIEM for analysis. We correlate millions of data points to look for anomalies across all your systems.

Self-service Reporting

Build custom reports to meet compliance standards and show value to your clients in Quarterly Business Reviews. Easily export reports in PDF or XLXS formats.

Blocks Ransomware

AI Powered Endpoint Protection protects from zero-day attacks and new ransomware without a known virus signature. .

Rapid, Remote Deployments

Setup your clients without visiting them onsite. With self-service options and 24/7 support, we can get you up and running quickly. .

AI Analytics Engine

Data going in and out of the SKOUT SIEM is enriched by our AI Analytics Engine.

Satisfies Compliance

Many regulatory agencies require log monitoring. Our solution enables you to check boxes in different frameworks and compliance standards.

What's Included

SKOUT Email Protection is a cloud-based email security product that blocks spam and phishing attacks. Our solution catches malicious emails by utilizing computer vision, AI and machine learning. Driven, curious, mobile, and growing smarter by the subject line, SKOUT Email Protection adds an important layer of protection to your inbox.

SKOUT Endpoint Protection is an integrated threat prevention solution that utilizes our own streaming-data analytics platform. The product combines the power of AI to block malware infections with additional security controls that safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device-based attacks and is backed by our Security Operations Center.

SKOUT Office 365 Monitoring is a managed security product that collects, aggregates, and normalizes log data from Office 365 tenants using SKOUT’s analytics platform, SIEM, threat intelligence, and 24/7 365 Security Operations Center. Identify threat like behavior in O365 like unauthorized access to cloud mailboxes, admin changes in the environment, impossible logins, mass file downloads, and brute force attacks.

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