Network Security Monitoring

AI-Powered Network Protection

Cloud-Native Security Engine

Multi-Tenancy Dashboard

Self-Service Custom Reporting

Physical or Virtual Appliance

SKOUT Network Security Monitoring is managed security product that provides network intrusion detection with a physical or virtual appliance. Suspected threats are correlated for AI enabled analysis using SKOUT’s analytics platform, SIEM, threat intelligence, and 24/7 365 Security Operations Center. Detect potential threat activity on your network like command and control connections, denial of service attacks, data exfiltration, ransomware, and lateral malware infections.

SKOUT Network Security Monitoring uses best-in-class technology, cutting edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect organizations. Feel confident in network traffic correlation knowing that the SKOUT analytics engine is backed by both a SIEM and distributed AI system. The SKOUT data-lakes are vast and specific to MSPs and SMBs.

Alert analysis is completed in the SKOUT Security Operations Center. Running 24/7/365, our team of expert analysts are always ready to assist in the event of a cybersecurity incidents. Backed by SKOUT, organizations can protect themselves without adding new personnel.

Next Generation IDS

Our intrusion detection system uses a hybrid of our local signature engine and our cloud-based AI-analytics engine for cross correlation.

AI Analytics Engine

Data going in and out of the SKOUT SIEM is enriched by our AI Analytics Engine. Our system was designed to normalize and search any type of data source.

Detects Malware

Malware moves quickly in and around networks. Network Security Monitoring detects malware that endpoint protection doesn’t have visibility into.

SIEM Analysis

Logs are ingested into our SIEM for analysis. We correlate millions of data points to look for anomalies across all your systems.

Multi-tenancy Dashboards

View all your clients in one single dashboard. Drop down menus make it easy to switch between clients or view threats in aggregate with a 360 view.

Satisfies Compliances

Many regulatory agencies require log monitoring. Our solution enables you to check boxes in different frameworks and compliance standards.

24/7X365 Protection

Armed with threat intelligence and information sharing from over seventy-five organizations and years of historical incidents specific to MSPs and SMBs, the SKOUT team detects and alerts on threats faster than new technology platforms and enterprise focused security operations centers. The team is trained to enable MSPs to succeed by offering actionable remediation steps and recommendations in an easy-to-understand alert.

Detect network intrusions, web application attacks, and data exfiltration attempts, and respond instantly with Network Security Monitoring. The product can serve as an integral part of any threat monitoring, incident response, and vulnerability management program, and helps meet requirements found in regulatory and industry compliance standards.

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