Log Security Monitoring

AI-Powered Log Collection and Correlation

Cloud-Native Security Engine

Multi-Tenancy Dashboard

Self-Service Custom Reporting

Physical or Virtual Appliance

SKOUT Log Security Monitoring is a managed security product that collects, aggregates, and normalizes log data from hundreds of sources for AI enabled analysis using SKOUT’s analytics platform, SIEM, threat intelligence, and 24/7 365 Security Operations Center. Identify threat like behavior in your systems such as impossible logins, multi-factor bypass, coordinated attacks, and rogue agents.

100s of Integrations

Our products are designed to work with the MSP ecosystem. Let us monitor the products you already use.

AI Analytics Engine

Data going in and out of the SKOUT SIEM is enriched by our AI Analytics Engine. Our system was designed to normalize and search any type of data source.

Self-service Reporting

Build custom reports to meet compliance standards and show value to your clients in Quarterly Business Reviews. Easily export reports in PDF or XLXS formats.

SIEM Analysis

Logs are ingested into our SIEM for analysis. We correlate millions of data points to look for anomalies across all your systems.

Multi-tenancy Dashboards

View all your clients in one single dashboard. Drop down menus make it easy to switch between clients or view threats in aggregate with a 360 view.

Satisfies Compliance

Many regulatory agencies require log monitoring. Our solution enables you to check boxes in different frameworks and compliance standards.

Focused on MSPs

The SKOUT Team works directly with our partners and their clients to co-provision and fully manage SKOUT Log Monitoring. The cloud-native product reduces the cost and complexity of information security programs and is specifically designed for MSPs and SMBs. With newly supported data sources added each month and a vendor agnostic architecture, you can be confident that your IT systems are protected and future proofed. 

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