One Year of MSP Sales and Marketing Tips

Welcome to the final MSP Sales and Marketing Toolkit of 2021.

This week, we’re celebrating a major milestone. With this newsletter, we’ve been giving you one resource every week for a full year. 

Whether you’ve been here since last December, when we started publishing these on the SKOUT blog, or you just joined last week, thank you for giving us a chance to empower your MSP’s sales and marketing by giving you content templates and planning tools to help you get started.

Between the SUNBURST incidents in January and the recent concerns surrounding the Log4j vulnerability, I’m sure that your MSP has been through a lot already. And marketing is difficult, especially for managed services.

So this week, we’re going to go back through all 52 Toolkits and give you a lightning-round recap of some of the most important Tips we covered this year. 

1. You can repurpose your content for multiple channels to save time. 

Whether you’re editing a webinar clip or drafting social copy, your top priority should be doing more with less.

When you’re breaking down the implications of a security breach for a social post, for example, how much of the technical details do you need to explain (and how much will your prospects understand)?

Here’s how you can minimize your one-page story into the few sentences your readers will engage in.

  • A one sentence takeaway at the top of your post (which can always double as a title)
  • A listicle (If it works for BuzzFeed, it can work for you)
  • A visual element (If they won’t read a post, they may very well watch it)

2. We broke down what makes a successful sales email.​​​​​​

  • Keep your subject lines as short as possible.
  • Make sure your personalization is in the first sentence.
  • Establish the challenge your security stack solves.
  • Introduce a strong Call to Action

3. You learned how to start conversations with hesitant prospects that don’t understand cyber risk.

Most legacy-based antiviruses use a signature-based model – they rely on a database of documented malware to check your system.

But that leaves people vulnerable to zero-day attacks, undiscovered vulnerabilities and malware variants designed to fly under the AV’s radar. Your antivirus will need constant updates to react to new threats, and that means your client and prospect will be missing out on a proactive approach that you can offer through your cyber stack

4. Here are the four questions you need to answer for your MSP’s 2022 marketing plan.

  • What kind of content do you want to focus on creating?
  • What kind of budget are you working with?
  • How do I want to turn impressions into leads?
  • How much time do I have for my marketing work?​​​​​​

This week’s resources

We’ve got two resources for your MSP to leverage before 2022.

1. Download all 52 Sales and Marketing Toolkits from this year below.
2. We’re also holding an MSP-focused webinar on the Critical Log4j vulnerability. Everyone is welcome to bring their concerns for a straightforward recap and Q&A. You can join us here.

Happy Holidays!

– The Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR Marketing Team