Nigel Moore’s key to crafting MSP social media gold

The MSP and cyber landscapes are continually growing. So how will you stand out from all the others?

After selling his own IT business in 2016, industry veteran Nigel Moore decided to focus on learning what made a MSP successful, from figuring out the best way to acquire new customers, to cracking the code on successful marketing campaigns.

Four years later, he’s the leader of the Tech Tribe, a highly regarded peer group that has helped over a thousand MSPs expand their businesses.

Here’s a rundown of what he’s learned in the last four years:

Offer Value To Your Audience and Your Prospects, And Offer It Regularly

When you look at Nigel’s profile, you won’t just see helpful sales email templates, or free resources to help your business grow.

You’ll see consistency.

For example, every two weeks, Nigel hosts Live Q&As with his community, the Tech Tribe, and regularly brings in VIPs to provide members with the information that they need.

Even his individual posts consistently offer value to his prospects. Many of his weekly posts offer free resources from both his Tech Tribe and other organizations, as well as book recommendations that might help his followers grow their businesses.

As you can see, it’s not just about helping your audience. It’s about becoming part of their routines.

Prove That You’re The Real Deal

But you can’t just stop at offering consistent value. While regularly sharing useful content goes a long way, you’ll need your community to help you across the finish line.

That’s why Nigel also posts authentic video testimonials from his community. It provides living proof that his research and resources work, and that his community is thriving.

Although you can demonstrate social proof by sharing positive comments or messages, these testimonials show how powerful video can be – because more people will click on a video than read a full post.

Don’t be afraid to get personal

Nigel’s most successful posts have some evidence of his own personal style. He’ll enclose personal photos with every post, without fail. Whether he’s endorsing a book that he found helpful or talking about his experience on a podcast, he’ll attach a photo of himself holding up the book or sharing his unique insights.

It’s not just about selfies either, it’s about making sure your own voice is always present in your posts. Don’t be afraid to joke a little!

As you can see, Nigel also gets the value of personalizing your content.


Today, Nigel has over 2000 followers, and his Tech Tribe has over 1,200 members.

If you want to create an engaged community or a solid social media presence for your business, there’s a lot you can learn by studying their work on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms.

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These examples are all pulled from Nigel’s LinkedIn page. If you’re looking for someone who has nailed the formula of personal and effective social media posts, I highly recommend checking him out.

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