SkOUT NEVERBLINK™ -Cloud Based Managed Security Services


SkOUT wants to make cyber accessible to all, and that’s precisely what SkOUT NEVERBLINK™ was built for. The SkOUT SIC (Secure Intelligence Center) and Cloud Based AI monitors and manages security operations on an organizations behalf, so our clients can focus on their business while SkOUT focuses on monitoring it. NEVERBLINK™ streamlines your resources, minimizes the burden of compliance, and significantly reduces costs.


We have a broad portfolio of critical threat-level security services that support continuous monitoring of all security log sources, network monitoring, endpoint monitoring, and professional services.

SkOUT brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity, proprietary technology, proactive and Secure Intelligence services to business of all sizes for real-time operational insight, alerting, and reporting.

Our global facilities are capable of processing hundreds of thousands of security events, attacks, and hacks every day.

[We take a strategic approach to helping you manage the cost and complexity of securing your enterprise by shaping our Secure Intelligence services to your specific needs.

SkOUT designates a case manager to your account to work with your business through the life of your contract.

We proactively organize risk in addition to the preventive controls in your environment.

In daily operations we provide your security staff with prioritized, clear, and actionable information on the threats your organization faces and the steps you should take to address them.

Our Secure Intelligence services are delivered to customers in many sectors and countries, from our State of the art Secure Intelligence Operations Center

Our customers have placed over 8 Trillion Dollars in assets under our protection.

Benefits of Deploying

Our Cloud-Based AI reduces the costs and complexity of network security, improves security posture, and eases the compliance burden. By leveraging our security expertise, you can empower your IT department to focus on core business activities rather than being distracted by the threat of security attacks and breaches.

We monitor your data 24×7 from our Secure Intelligence Center, eliminating the need for you to employ an around the clock internal security team.

We manage and handle complex upgrades and management of SIEM technology.

[We simplify compliance: our expertise in compliance concerns like SOC II, DFARS, PCI and others reduces the headache and costs of being prepared for compliance audits.

We help provide you in-depth-defense with sophisticated detection techniques that complement your existing controls.

We significantly reduce the time between identification and notification.

We protect your systems & data with 24×7 monitoring to alert you to threats before damage is done, ultimately improving your response time.

We provide you a 360 view for your security monitoring program, so you can:

›Know your critical data

›Identify malicious activities

›Act quickly and intelligently


NEVERBLINK™ Technology

Technology Infrastructure

Our analysts use best-in-class technology and the latest tools.

Our tool set includes parsing patterns developed from a combined 20 years of research from our employees and partners.

We employ modern data analytics systems to process hundreds of thousands of events efficiently and in real time.

We use modern infrastructure for fully-automated deployments.

[We can enable sensors directly within any of your environments and utilize logs specific to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Depending on your infrastructure, we can advise and implement the most secure solution to manage your data.

We provide Netflow Collection and Correlation to better understand the behavior of a your network and what traffic is flowing across it. 

We secure communications between our Secure Intelligence Center and the customer premises with modern SSL communications, so your data is secure while our systems are easy to deploy.

Our technology systems search across network packets, log data and endpoint data to find correlated threats.

NEVERBLINK™ Secure Intelligence Center

24x7x365 SIC

Our Secure Intelligence Center (SIC) provides around-the-clock coverage; we monitor and assess threats that are specifically relevant to your organization, so you can quickly and efficiently mitigate vulnerabilities and strengthen your cyber security posture.

We have Security Experts from 15 Fortune 500 Companies and 5 Government Organizations on staff.

Our Cyber Experts have 30+ years of experience fighting the most complex and sophisticated cyber attacks.

[Our SIC is continuously monitoring threat levels and attacks. Collaboration between our security experts and clients allows us to rapidly deploy efficient detection methods and take advantage of intelligence data to identify future attack indicators.

We look for suspicious patterns identified through behavioral analysis of your network traffic and end-point activity.]


NEVERBLINK™ Deliverables

What you get.

We provide asset discoveries and classification information to determine what the most critical assets are within your infrastructure.

We run vulnerability scans to evaluate your organization’s risk from outdated or incorrectly patched software.

We monitor the ingress and egress from your environments edge, record IP Packets, and inspect traffic between devices.

We collect logs from across your network, servers and endpoints to get a 360 degree view of activity within your environment.

We respond to events and alerts and notify you of the actions required to remediate events.

[We provide executive reporting regarding the monitoring of the environment and how you are doing overall.

We provide customer advisories for current threat landscape updates and emerging threats.

We provide expert level network, security, and cyber intelligence that is always just a phone call away.

We utilize dozens of government, private and proprietary threat intelligence feeds for prompt, actionable, and exclusive intelligence that directly applies to your systems and applications. ]

NEVERBLINK™ Artificial Intelligence and Endpoint Protection

Manage Your Endpoints with AI

SkOUT deploys Artificial Intelligence to provide Advanced Threat and Endpoint Protection for ongoing identification and protection of endpoint from cybersecurity threats. The software provides the following capabilities:

•AI based malware prevention

•Automated blocking of malicious binaries

•Behavioral based detection of script based attacks

•Memory exploitation detection and prevention

In addition to software capability, SkOUT’s managed endpoint service provides:

•Insuring agents are up to date

•False positive reduction

•Additional root cause analysis for SkOUT’s log management service customers

•24/7/365 SOC II investigation and deployment support