Mapping Out Your Clients’ Security Journey

Welcome back to the MSP Sales and Marketing Tips.

Every client has their unique security needs, so this week, we want to help you map out a client’s security journey and help you demonstrate your security suite’s value to them.

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How are prospects and clients discovering your security suite?

If you’re looking for some insights into how you’re acquiring new customers, you can start by examining where your prospects first heard of your MSP. Did they discover you through your social media presence? Did they find your website through organic or paid SEO?

According to our Cyber-as-a-Service Report for MSPs, maybe your top source of prospects is referrals – 48% of surveyed MSPs found new prospects through Word of Mouth.

But once you’ve examined this information, you should be able to lay out all the different client sources and move on to the next step.

What can I do with this information?

Once you’ve mapped out the different ways you can attribute your current base of clients and contacts, you can start refining sales emails and marketing content for your most effective channels and start brainstorming new strategies to leverage other ways to show off your MSP’s services.

Here’s an example – if you find that Word of Mouth is your most effective source of new prospects, start using that positive feedback to your advantage by gathering positive testimonials and featuring them in your cold emails.

Identifying your clients’ most common cyber problems

When your sales team sits down with clients and identifies what their systems need for more effective protection, take note of the most common problems that you’re solving, and which products are often coming into play. You can also ask them about their own cyber concerns (whether they’re afraid of ransomware, a phishing campaign or Business Email Compromise) and start developing content around these products and about how your MSP addresses these concerns.

Having trouble coming up with ideas?

Nobody wants to admit that they fell victim to a cyber attack and lose their customers’ trust in them, so you won’t necessarily be able to share success stories like marketers in other industries might use for their products. But you can always talk about why your security offering is more effective than other solutions on the market.

To give you an example, Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR Partners can talk about how the SOC and SIEM services they offer give SMBs the 24/7 monitoring they need.

Most importantly, the best kind of content strikes an authoritative, comforting tone – and you don’t necessarily to bring up specific fears or threats to give your clients concrete ways that you keep them safe.

This week’s complimentary resources

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