Making Your MSP’s Social Media More Accessible to Prospects

If you’ve been subscribed to SKOUT’s Sales and Marketing Tips since February, you might remember reading about how maintaining your MSP’s social media can feel like running a marathon – and how to make it easier.

Almost 4 months later, I thought I’d revisit the subject – I’m curious if publishing on your MSP’s socials has gotten any easier for you – and if it’s still a slog to get through, I’ve got 5 complimentary social media templates that you can schedule on LinkedIn right now.


Honing In On What Matters

Whether you’re editing a webinar clip or drafting social copy, your top priority should be doing more with less.

When you’re breaking down the implications of a security breach for a social post, for example, how much of the technical details do you need to explain (and how much will your prospects understand)?

Here’s how you can minimize your one-page story into the few sentences your readers will engage in.

  1. A one sentence takeaway at the top of your post (which can always double as a title)
  2. A listicle (If it works for BuzzFeed, it can work for you)
  3. A visual element (If they won’t read a post, they may very well watch it)

Making the Final Cut

Chopping up a webinar or a podcast into digestible clips is a lot harder than it seems.

Once your speakers fall into a natural cadence of conversation, everything flows really well in a live recording – but it becomes challenging to find a place to drop the audience into a conversation, get them some timely insights and pull them out.

But here are some two tips to help you resist the urge to flip a table in frustration and just share a whole 45 minute podcast online.

  1. When you watch through a longform video for the first time, write down the timestamps for when your moderator asks a question. These will act as starting points for your clips, and if the question lasts for multiple sentences, work on cutting it down so that the viewer gets the context they need for the question.
  2. If a speaker gives a 5 minute answer, chances are that the real answer is in the first few sentences. When you listen through a person’s answer for the first time, try breaking it down into bullet points that you think your prospect will care about – and include the sentences that hold that value.

And to help you get started…

Here are five social media templates that you can edit and post on your company’s LinkedIn page, or even use to grow your personal presence.

Until next week!