How Your MSP Can Finish Off the Year’s Lead Gen on a High Note

Welcome back to the MSP Sales and Marketing Toolkit.

This week, we’re looking to help you finish 2021 on a high note by helping you review your current lead generation capabilities.

And to help your MSP close some opportunities before 2022, here is a resource to help you reach out to your prospects. 


MSPs already have a lot on their plate with protecting their clients and managing their own business. It’s a miracle if they have time to generate leads or seek out opportunities if they don’t have a dedicated salesperson on staff already.

However, we do have a few tips up our sleeve to help you find success with lead gen in 2022:

It’s all about nurturing

If you don’t have a sales pipeline in motion yet, creating new leads and opportunities will take time, since you’ll need to develop your pipeline and nurture your existing leads.

Once you’ve sat down and said that you’re going to work on improving your lead generation, you’re not immediately going to get 27 highly qualified opportunities right off the bat. All the work you do to speak with prospects and building a process to close and win opportunities is so that you can eventually produce consistent opportunities. Here’s how:

Evaluate your MSP’s current sales capabilities. How prepared are you to compete for new business and win?

You’ll want to review how your pricing compares to competitors, make sure that your website, LinkedIn profile and marketing materials are accessible and well-written, and that leverage a distinctive voice and brand.

After all, these are their first impression of you. You want materials that reflect your reliability and skill as an MSP, and they in turn will attract qualified prospects that will be a good fit for your business.

Establish how you’re going to measure your success and the timeframe you’re going for

How many strong opportunities are you looking to close in a month? And when would you alike to achieve this goal by? It’s important to remember that nurturing can take months or even a year and setting a pipeline could take a similar amount of time to uncover some strong prospects.

After all, you’re not just selling a software. You’re selling trust and a relationship with your clients, a commitment to protect their assets and data. And since your prospect is investing in your MSP, they’ll need time to get to know you and do their due diligence.

This week’s resource (and a reminder for SKOUT Managed XDR Partners) 

Here are two sales email templates that you can use to contact prospects.