How to Separate Your Marketing and Sales Personas (and the Free Tools to Help You Do It)

Welcome back to SKOUT’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. This week, we’re taking a dive into the differences between marketing campaigns and sales content. Best of all, we’re putting together a toolkit of free resources and Chrome extensions to help you send out sales emails like a pro. 


As your MSP continues to grow, you may find yourself looking to formalize the processes behind selling cyber and marketing your stack to deliver more consistent results. But while you’re honing your sales and marketing skills, you’ll need to figure out how to target your tactics to your ideal prospects and decision makers.

Driving Engagement is the First Step to Building a Marketing Persona

When you’re putting marketing collateral together, the key is to know your audience. You may already know what kind of marketing email will get our customers to open it immediately, or which topic may garner the biggest reactions on social media.

If you have this knowledge, you’ve already taken the first step towards building a marketing persona. A marketing persona profiles a piece of your base, whether that involves decision makers at prospective businesses, companies in a specific field, or otherwise.

Although you might have several personas catering to different branches of your audience, a general rule of thumb is to try and keep it simple. Try not to create too many marketing personas or you may struggle to stay organized.

How Can Sales Personas Make Personalization Even Easier?

Sales personas are designed to help you group your prospects with similar responsibilities and titles togethers. Doing so makes customizing sales emails easier for you. Once you’ve perfected a sales personal for your ideal decision maker, you can personalize emails to their specific pain points and help them complete their specific duties.

However, using sales personas based around a prospect’s role at a company isn’t 100% foolproof. Although two different prospects might have the same title, they may have entirely different responsibilities. That’s why you may need to prospect carefully, or even prepare to pivot if you’re contacting the wrong person.

And how you can make the most of these personas for your MSP:

By creating sequences and campaigns with specific personas in mind, you’ll be able to establish lasting frameworks and create reusable collateral. If you’re the only one selling at your MSP, writing for your ideal persona won’t just help you acquire new customers – it’ll also help you create a framework for when you decide to grow your team. If you hire an SDR or a Channel Sales Executive, these materials will give them the tools they need to help you grow your MSP even further.

And to help you start laying that foundation for future success, we want to give you a list of free apps designed to help you make the most of our free sales sequences and campaigns-in-a-box.

Until next week!