How to Nail Your MSP’s Branding

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled MSP Sales and Marketing Toolkit.

And welcome to the first Toolkit written by a special guest! Today, we sat down with Alyssa Enright, our Managed XDR team’s Multimedia Marketing Specialist to help you make the integral decisions in defining your MSP’s brand. 
Here are the highlights from our interview:


Q: What would you say are the fundamentals of good brand design?

Alyssa: More than anything else, I think that you need to develop your MSP’s brand to effectively communicate a message. When you combine well-written copy with a really clean design, I think it promotes customer acceptance and helps them understand the content.

And when you’re covering more technical topics in the cyber and IT landscapes, or even talking about some of the things you see in an MSP’s day-to-day, I think it’s incredibly important to strive for a simple and aesthetically pleasing design. 

There’s a saying that “bad design is everywhere; good design is invisible.” To give you some context, you can think of when services like Facebook have outages. You’ll notice when they’re down – but it’s only then when you realize how much those platforms actually do when they work. 

What are the most common branding mistakes you see in the MSP landscape?

Alyssa: When it comes to design mistakes, you know when something doesn’t work when it doesn’t simplify an idea that’s difficult to visualize or explain. To use a security example, if a graphic doesn’t actually clear up how an attacker operates or how an MSP should remediate an attack, then it needs to be reworked.

If a font isn’t a readable size, or if the copy in a design is misaligned, that can also put off a customer.

When it comes to copy, I think the most common mistakes I’ve seen are inconsistent language – making sure that you’re consistently referring to your MSP correctly – if your company name is long, you can use the full name and then abbreviate all other references. 

Good copy should tell a story, and follow a chronological order – create a solid flow to keep a reader’s attention – especially when it comes to cyber and IT topics, because those can be difficult for decision makers to understand. 

But I think the most important part of MSP marketing is making sure your workflow is correctly organized. MSPs have a lot on their plate and a limited amount of time to accomplish it, so you need to make sure your prioritizing your marketing work properly to make sure it’s accessible to your audience, ensure that you’re targeting the right audience, and making something that will be useful for them. 

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