How to Make Your MSP Marketing Emails Stand Out

Welcome back to the MSP Sales and Marketing Toolkit.

It can be hard to reach people with marketing emails, but you can still make the most of this line of communication with your prospects. So for this week’s guide, we want to help you keep nurturing your prospects by getting you to a place where you can send weekly marketing or sales emails.

 I’ve also enclosed a worksheet to help you outline your next sales and marketing emails to give you an easy email format that you can reuse whenever you need to refresh your messaging.


Plain Promotion Doesn’t Work

Ask yourself what you engage with when you open your inbox – do you go for your personal emails or the subject lines that are transparently webinar promos or attempts to get you to spend some cash?

We live in a world where anyone and everyone makes content, and someone’s inbox is today’s version of the mailbox stuffed full of magazines and brochures. So you can’t just write a generic promo and when your email subscribers only have so much time in the day – you need to offer value and education.

Here’s a full breakdown of one sales email your MSP could use to offer cybersecurity to a prospect that explains WHY this email converts:

Segmentation, Segmentation, Segmentation

If your open rates are in the single digits, that probably means you’re sending the wrong message to the wrong people.

That’s where segmentation comes in. Whether you’re splitting up your larger base of email subscribers by industry, whether they’re a decision maker at the SMB you’re prospecting or whether they’re in charge of the tech an SMB uses to operate day-to-day, you’ll want to create separate lists for separate groups of people to share information accordingly.

If you’re sending out a product promo with more technical details for example, you might want to contact a prospect’s onsite IT person or focus on the decision makers to ask them if this is the right time to circle back. But if you’re announcing an update to one of your current best practices or a major  security update, you’ll want to segment off your contacts and current clients for that information.

This week’s resource

To help you get started, here is an email outline worksheet to help you develop a successful sales or marketing email, sentence by sentence.

The key to nurturing your email list is consistency – so don’t hesitate to print multiple copies of this resource and each week, create a new email by filling this out. Best of luck!