How To Make Personalizing Emails Easy (and Boost Your Open/Response Rates)

A crash course in writing sales emails

Welcome back to SKOUT’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. This weekly series is dedicated to helping MSPs overcome the most common challenges that come with selling and delivering cyber-as-a-service. This week, we’ll be helping you write the best sales emails guaranteed to get you a response.

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For the past 20 days in a row, I’ve been receiving calls from telemarketers about extending my car’s warranty.

Blocking all those numbers has been driving me crazy – I don’t even have a car, much less a warranty.

Similarly – if you shoot out a generic cold email, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to get a response. People will shut down and stop answering.

So what’s the takeaway here?

The best sales e-mails are FOR specific people.

Let’s look at The Agoge Sequence, a sales sequence that doubled one team’s response rates. It focuses on customizing emails, proving you understand the prospect and their company, and using this initial work throughout the sequence to garner a response.

In the sequence’s first email alone, you’re tasked with personalizing your first email to your prospect by tying information from their LinkedIn profile to your value proposition.

The Agoge Sequence also make personalization efficient by using brief, one-sentence reply emails.

Every short follow-up asking if you got the first email brings you to the top of your prospect’s inbox. And it gives your prospect another opportunity to see that email you put together just for them.

So how do I offer value to a prospect?

You should talk about how your MSP can help your prospect, but there is one way to kill two birds with one stone and offer your prospect some immediate value AND personalization at the same time.

You can offer a prospect a personalized educational resource, with their logo on it, like a prospecting worksheet or a cyber health checkup to help them organize their priorities – Frame it as a way of helping them avoid potential problems and letting them focus on their jobs.

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I want to give a shoutout to Sam Nelson, who cracked the code to making stellar sales email sequences with the Agoge Sequence, and inspired me to write better sales emails.

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