How to Make Marketing Emails Easy (with Two Free Templates for You)

Thanks for checking out SKOUT’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. This week, we’ve got two free marketing email templates for you to help you engage your prospects, and a complete guide to convincing them to lend you their ears.

You can scroll straight down to the bottom of the post to get your resource, but I hope you’ll stick around – like a sales email, I’ll be brief.


Marketing emails can be challenging.

Think about it – inboxes are more crowded than ever, and it’s a struggle to stand out from the crowd or to not fall into the dreaded “Promotions” tab. If your marketing email doesn’t stand out enough, your hard work will just be another flyer in someone’s overcrowded mailbox.

But you shouldn’t lose hope.

Sure, sales emails have certain advantages – you can personalize these emails for specific prospects, and at the end of the day, a sequence hopefully starts a conversation between two people. Your SDR can say “I” and add some agency and personality that it can be a little tougher to get across in a marketing email.

But there are ways to write marketing emails that won’t get thrown away like a mailbox flyer. Here are just a few:

Get Straight to the Point

This advice applies to both writing an effective subject line, and with the body of an email. If you can quickly establish the value of your email and your call to action, you’ll be able to better engage your readers.

Let’s say, for example, you’re hosting a webinar with hacking demos and best practices for your customers and prospects. Your subject line and first few sentences should outline:

  1. What your readers can do [Sign up to attend the webinar, or to receive a free demo or cyber health assessment]
  2. Why this email is relevant to them [Why do they need your solutions? Why should they sign up for that webinar?]

A strong subject line in this scenario might be “Do you know your cyber risk?” Short, to the point, and it opens you up to quickly explain how your webinar allows them to understand the risks they face.

How to Write Personally (Without Using “I”)

The strength of a sales email comes from personalization. am talking to a prospect. wanted to reach out and ask how my MSP can support you.

The power of a marketing email is in the reader’s hands. You can make the most of this 30% discount or this free demo. You can understand your cyber risk in just a few minutes.

By putting these benefits directly in your readers’ hands, you give them something to engage with. And even without the additional personalization, your email will read as more personal.

But, to make your email as engaging as it can be, you’ll need…

A strong call to action.

A compelling call to action will build on your value proposition. It will emphasize the power of your offer or the convenience of your cyber-as-a-service solution.  

For example:

Get cybersecurity protection within your budget.

Save yourself from downtime and losses with [YOUR MSP NAME HERE].

Increase visibility and protect your business with 24/7 monitoring and protection. 

Don’t forget to repeat this call to action several times. Give your readers multiple opportunities to take advantage of what your offering.

We’ve found that engaged readers are thorough.

They’ll click through your email and any relevant links to get more information. That’s why if you have an important promotion or an event coming up, you might want to leave it in a P.S. below your signature. You should optimize all of the potential a marketing email gives you.

And to thank you for reaching the end of this guide…

Here are two free marketing email templates to help you get started.