How to Grow an MSP’s Following from Scratch

Welcome back to SKOUT’s Sales and Marketing Tips. Each week, we release a new marketing campaign-in-a-box and a step-by-step content guide to help you revamp your MSP’s sales and marketing efforts.

This week, we’re reaching out to the MSPs looking to build out their content library and draw in new prospects with a stronger social presence. We’ve got some special Tips to help you optimize your targeting and make sure you’re using effective messaging for your audience.

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If you’re struggling to get traction with your current content – maybe prospects aren’t opening your sales emails, or your latest blog post is flopping on LinkedIn or Facebook, you can start small, whether by examining your current audience or by looking at the communities your prospects inhabit.

And if you’re still discouraged, remember this – there are influencers with more than 50 million followers on any given platform out there who have tried (and miserably failed) to create a community that converts.

The truly successful people might only have 1200 followers – but the quality of those followers exceeds any value

As a word of advice, the tactics laid out in these Tips are for micro-communities – so the more specific and targeted your research is, the better your results will be.

Zero In on Your Audience Groups

No one business owner or decision maker is the same – everyone has different interests and preferences.

But by segmenting a larger demographic – like small and medium-sized businesses and targeting a specific portion of that demographic with set values, interests and characteristics – you can understand what that small community values and adjust your content accordingly.

Just as an example – do you want to offer cybersecurity to a healthcare firm? Take some time on a social channel or with specific prospect profiles and study what they care about, and what they share. If you hear about new regulations or new developments in the healthcare industry, for example, you can put together a post and adjust your content narrative to talk about how you can protect treatment devices or comply with the latest regulations and give them the peace-of-mind they need.

The Power of a Social Media Bio

When you’re prospecting, one of your many touch points might be reaching out to someone over social media – you don’t have to necessarily do a deep dive, but when you’re making that first touch point, don’t skim through the bio or the likes. It can have valuable info that will help you with understanding the micro-community you want to reach. If there’s a platform they gather around, or one site that they share a lot – it could be valuable to purchase ad space in those outlets, or integrate keywords and phrases – terminology from these communities into your own work, or in posts from individual employees or even your MSP’s CEO.

When you build your presence – you want your MSP and your team to be the people who get your audience.

How All This Works for SEO

Here’s a little bonus section for you if you’re feeling up to it: Once you’ve figured out the keywords and phrases you need to integrate into your social posts and your blog, you can turn around and use these keywords for paid SEO.

Personally, I stand by organic SEO growth through building out your content and allowing it (and new people who discover it) to help you climb the search result ranks – but it’s a potential option for your MSP if you choose to take it.

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