How to Give Your Prospects Value Through a Webinar

Hey – Thanks for checking out this week’s MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. We’ve got a different type of resource in store for you this week – because video is the future, we’ve got two email templates for you to use in your own webinars. And if you’re a SKOUT Partner, check out the SKOUT Partner Portal – we’ve got a new webinar toolkit to get you started. 


Video is the future.

I’m not just talking about the future of content – I’m talking about the future of conversations surrounding cyber, and of your MSP’s messaging.

Because video is the key to solving some of the biggest problems with selling your security stack – and a webinar with some of your most experienced team members and leaders is one of the best ways to take advantage of these benefits.

1 – Explaining Cyber Risk to Your Customers

We’ve talked about how it’s difficult to explain cyber risk to someone who might not have a technical background or hasn’t dealt with the fallout of a breach themselves. A webinar can be your opportunity to lay out what exactly is at risk if your attendees don’t have a strong security framework in place.

So how do you do that?

  • With a webinar, you have the opportunity to explain cyber risk through non-technical discussion. You can use past examples of different breaches and share your own cyber attack stories.
  • You can also offer a solid rundown of the current cyber landscape. By informing your prospects that the interconnected nature of our systems makes us more vulnerable to attackers than ever, and helping them understand why they need a solid security framework.

2 – Using Hacking Demos to Demonstrate the Value of Your Services

Another great way to prove value and explain cyber risk is through directly showing a prospect how a cyber criminal operates.

By playing hacking demos where you show exactly how a cyber criminal could easily access an unprotected account and steal sensitive data from a company’s network, you will be able to engage your audience and safely show them the potential consequences of a breach.

These demos are a vital part of any webinar, and help to drive home what’s at risk, and what a business stands to lose to any attacker.

3 – Nail your follow-up

Once you’ve nailed down the perfect webinar deck and script, it’s just as important to follow up and engage with the prospects who didn’t attend your webinar. We recommend sending out an email with a copy of the recording for your registrants’ convenience, and offering a free cyber health assessment to thank them for their interest.

Doing so will give you an additional opportunity to engage your prospects and potentially give you another chance to demonstrate the value of your cyber offering.

And to help you put on a successful webinar…

Here’s a free webinar outline for you so that you can save time on your webinar planning. If you’d also like to receive email templates and follow-up messages to help you promote your event and engage with your prospects, reach out to us about getting access to the SKOUT Partner Portal.