How to Get the Most Out of Networking and Virtual Events

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This week, we’ll be offering you 3 Tips to help your MSP make the most out of any event or networking opportunity. I’ve also enclosed some social media templates to help you continue your outreach efforts.


One Key to Successful Networking Is Genuine Engagement

Whether you’re participating in your town’s Chamber of Commerce or you’ve found yourself at another networking opportunity, it might be tempting to go for the immediate chance to take the business cards you collected at the end of the night and feed those phone numbers and emails into your follow-up sales email sequences.

However, we’ve found that the best approach for both your client (and for you) is to express a genuine interest in the other person and their business. When you’re making the rounds and meeting everyone, take the time to get to know them and their business. It’s all about nurturing the relationships so that in time, these connections will turn to you for support (or even introduce your MSP through word-of-mouth to people) when they’re ready.

What Do You Want to Learn From An Event?

Before you sign up for your next industry event (or maybe even start planning your own event for clients and prospects), take a few minutes to think about what you’re hoping to learn from the people you meet there.

If you’re attending a channel event, are you interested in learning about how your peers are positioned in the channel so that you can fine-tune your MSP’s strategy? Or if you’re hosting your own, you may want to prepare some questions to ask prospects that you connect with. Going into an event with a strategy will let you walk away with valuable intel or a strong idea of which prospects may fit your ideal customer profile.

Keeping Your Guardrails in Mind

As word-of-mouth continues to spread and as your relationships continue to mature, make sure that your MSP is working with leads and connections with businesses that match both their and your MSP’s needs.

Make sure that you’re evaluating the scope of any project that comes across your desk. ​​​​​​As much as you may want to accept any project you get, it’s important to make sure that offering your protection and support is manageable cost-wise, and that you have the resources to offer managed IT and security, especially if you’re building a security framework with concentric rings of protection from near scratch.

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