How to Create a Swipe File for Your MSP

Welcome back to the MSP Sales and Marketing Tips!

For the final week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we want to help you build the best tool an MSP marketer can have – here is a guide to creating your own marketing swipe file (with a list of some of the Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR Marketing team’s go-to sources of inspiration!)


Because many MSPs struggle to create effective sales and marketing content, it might be a bit easier to have some inspiration.

That’s where creating a swipe file comes in – by finding the emails that you’re willing to reply to or curious enough to open, or the social media posts that you didn’t just scroll past.

Turn Your Scrolling into A Valuable Research Session

You might not realize this, but you probably already have the beginnings of your own Marketing Swipe File buried in your LinkedIn activity. By clicking your profile in the top right of LinkedIn and clicking “Manage -> Posts and Activity,” you can see all the posts you’ve liked or saved.

If you’re a regular LinkedIn user, you’ve probably found at least one or two posts that stood out to you – whether it’s a meme that only a sysadmin or an MSP team member would understand, a thought leadership post for business owners and entrepreneurs or that ad that you begrudgingly admitted was clever or funny.

And now, you’ve got a whole trove of posts that you can study to learn what makes social media posts effective.

Curating Your Content

In a previous Sales and Marketing Toolkit, we talked about how instead of being a creator, you can be a curator that breaks down technical terms for people unfamiliar with the cyber landscapes or talks about the latest breaches and cyber attacks.

However, while swipe files can help you save cybersecurity or MSP-based content that you can share on your profiles, you should also be collecting content that helps you convert your followers into actionable leads.

Solid Guidelines for Swipable Content

  1. Swipeable security content is calm, educational and authoritative. It doesn’t fear monger, but it recognizes major pain points a business faces, and talks about giving them the time and power to stop those problem.
  2. The best email templates and social posts have successful formulas (like digestible listicles) or offer universally successful content – like testimonials.
  3. Whether it makes you laugh, improve their skills, or walk away with new knowledge, any new piece of content should demonstrate why your readers or viewers should care.

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