How to Create a Balanced Content Strategy

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In the hybrid landscape, content marketing is a key differentiator that lets your MSP emerge as a security authority – but creating a balanced content strategy is key to making sure your business makes the impact it needs to stand out. 

And to help you get started, here’s a worksheet to help you outline your next social media posts.


Balancing timely content with content that will always be relevant​​​​

Over the past 46 Toolkits, we’ve offered you a healthy mix of evergreen and timely content. We’ve given you social media post templates that covered major breaches at the time, and we’ve helped you put together thought leadership content that will hopefully stay relevant for years to come. 

Having a healthy mix of these types of content will empower you to always be nurturing your audience, whether you have a good month of sales or your cold emails are failing to land. 

While evergreen content will allow you to have staying power and help you naturally develop your company’s SEO, timely content will help you earn attention from your prospects in the day-to-day. 

(If you need some help getting started with assembling that timely content, Barracuda MSP Partners are welcome to share the Threat Advisories4.9% we release every week!)

Repurposing your browsing time to build out your timely content

The LinkedIn trending tab and following hashtags can be your best friend. Whether you keep up with the #cybersecurity hashtag, or you want to stay up to day on healthcare trends to cater to a specific vertical of your SMBs, you can not only nail down your focus as a thought leader, but if there’s a pressing issue or a raging debate on a certain event in that channel, you should educate yourself and see if there’s a problem that your MSP can solve. Think about how you solve those problems and include that as a hook to your next post. 

Some ideas for both types of content that you can execute on

To help you get started, here are three ideas you can take for both evergreen content and timely content. 

Here are your evergreen content ideas: 

  • There’s No 911 for Cyber Attacks
  • A Quick Rundown of the Cyber Landscape (and How You Can Get the Protection You Need)
  • Top 10 Best Practices to Prevent Phishing

And here are your timely content ideas:

  • The Latest on the FBI Hoax Emails
  • How [Your MSP] Ensures Your Business is Compliant with [CMMC, HIPAA, etc.]
  • Why You Need to Update Your Chrome Browser This Week

This week’s complimentary resources

You can also download a social media post outline to help you speed up the content creation process for your socials.