How to Choose a Cybersecurity Partner That Will Meet Your Needs (Plus a Free Webinar Promotion Plan)

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As more and more MSPs formalize their stacks and start delivering cybersecurity to businesses worldwide, one major pain point is emerging.

“How am I going to find a partner who can help me manage my unique offering?”

And as you embark on the exciting journey of meeting different solution providers, you might want to make sure you’ve hammered out this information before you’re sitting down with potential partners.

What services do you want your cybersecurity package to provide?

At this point, you might be thinking, “Didn’t I already establish this when I built my technology stack?”

However, this is the point where you should start thinking bigger. If you’re a growing MSP, you might want to offer services that you don’t have the team to maintain or the resources to develop yourself, whether you can’t find or can’t afford the analysts you need to be on call for vulnerability scanning or threat monitoring, or whether you can’t build out your stack with the software and SOC you need to ingest and analyze the raw data you need for incident response.  

What duties will you keep in-house?

Now that you’ve fully worked out your cybersecurity package, you’ll also need to find a partner that will give you the specific level of control you want.

An MSP cyber stack isn’t “one-size-fits-all,” and even different providers aren’t using the same solutions to solve the same cybersecurity problems – even if all of your candidates offer a SOC and SIEM, they may be offering completely different features.  

Depending on your monitoring strategy, what data you want to collect, and how you’re going to analyze that data, you’ll need to look at the tools a potential partner will offer to make sure they match your priorities.

How do you need your cybersecurity partner to support you?

In order to answer this question, you’ll have to look at your business’ remaining needs.

If your stack involves software from various different companies, for example, you’ll have to find a cybersecurity partner with the SOC and SIEM that can ingest data from your whole stack and your systems.

When you’re reviewing cybersecurity partners, you’ll also want to look into what the vendors’ partner programs offer. If you’re the only person in charge of selling your MSP’s offering, you should see if your potential cyber partner offers sales and marketing support to help you hone your sales process and help you earn consistent monthly revenue.  

And here’s an example of what a cybersecurity provider can offer you.

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