How to Accelerate Your MSP’s Content Creation

Welcome back to SKOUT’s Sales and Marketing Tips. For this week’s Toolkit, we’re offering a special double feature of insights to make your MSP’s content creation go a little faster.

We’ve got one tip to help you create new and memorable marketing campaigns, one tip to help you nail your sales emails and one tip to help you keep conversations with reluctant prospects rolling. And we’ve enclosed some sales email templates to help you get started.


Here are three formats to get around writer’s block

Maybe you’ve sat down to write a weekly newsletter or even a social media post and are scrambling for a new idea to get your content scheduled in time so you can focus on your work.

Here are two types of posts that we put together our monthly social media templates:

MSP Concepts 101 – Introduce your prospects and connections to important topics so they can go in to a meeting with you with an open mind and some starter knowledge to kick off the conversation. You can introduce yourself as a thought leader by talking about your MSP’s value by saving businesses from the struggle of keeping your business online and the hidden costs of downtime, or introduce them to the cybersecurity landscape.

News Recaps – People go on social media to scan the headlines – this is your chance to cover the latest cyber news and offer useful bite-sized breakdowns to keep people up-to-date.

Event Posts – Every SKOUT Partner gets specialized templates to start promoting their partner webinars and their own presence at industry events.

And how visualizing an outcome can save your sales emails

Prospects aren’t interested in your product.

They’re interested in what your product can do for them.

That’s why sales authorities encourage their teams to use a formula in their emails where you pose a challenge (cyber criminals are getting bolder) and use words like “because” or “imagine” to you’re your prospects into an explanation of the value your prospects will get from your security stack.

A simple value proposition isn’t enough to close a deal – if you can tell the story of your product empowering your end users, you’ll be able to start more conversations with people who will want to see what that outcome will look like for their company.

And to help you get started…

Break your writer’s block with this week’s complimentary sales and marketing templates: