How Jack Wilson Got Over 3000 Followers

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There’s no doubt about it. MSPs have a lot on their plate.

Not only are they responsible for all of the usual technical issues (whether it’s a site going down or a problem with a client’s network). But they’re also responsible for keeping their clients safe.

The problem is that selling cyber is hard. Explaining cyber can get abstract and technical in a way that’ll make your customers’ head spin.

And sometimes, they just don’t understand why they need protection until it’s too late.

That’s why we at SKOUT put together these MSP Sales and Marketing Tips. Each week, we’ll present you with actionable advice and free resources to make it easier for you to offer and sell cyber-as-a-service.

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With social media, education is value

We’ve found one of the best keys to closing deals is educating customers about cyber risk. And there’s no better way to do that than through social media.

Your platforms give you the opportunity to show your expertise and offer value to people. Show that you can safeguard the data they want to protect most.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to give some insight into why a company or customer might need cyber protection.

What makes a person click?

Let’s look at one great cybersecurity marketer for reference.

Jack Wilson has a great approach to writing social content. Sure, he gives you value immediately through his actionable tips, but he also hits on a really important point.

How does the content make you feel?

It’s easy to pump out content and offer value, but the challenge is to build interest and make things engaging.

Here’s another great example:

You’ll notice that Jack never just shares an article or a video. He gives you the TL;DR and offers an actionable takeaway for his audience to run with.

Attention spans are short – and that’s why you’ll generally see a visual element with engaging posts – whether that’s a 1-2 minute video clip or even a good share photo for a link. 

The key to creating great social media posts on any platform is to immediately provide value and catch the user’s eye.

Here’s how a great social media post is formatted

  1. Start with a compelling hook to draw in a reader. You can use recent industry news, or a fact, statistic or piece of insight you can immediately offer.
  2. Offer a basic rundown of the value your post offers. What does the reader need to know first? You’ll want to keep this brief, but provide an incentive to read on.
  3. That’s when you can offer a detailed breakdown of the content. By offering actionable steps and tips the reader can take away, you can offer the full value you have in store.
  4. To encourage engagement, you can end the post with a question to start a conversation.
  5. If your resource involves a visual element, whether that’s a graphic or a video, you should include it for the people scrolling by. It may draw the attention of a user who wouldn’t read but would be willing to look or press a play button.

Free resources can draw in readers

And that’s why we’d like to offer you a free resource of our own. We’re going to offer you a free social media pack with 5 posts for you to post on your own pages. Hopefully, this will help you educate your clients and prospects on why cyber protection is necessary.

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