SkOUT SECURE INTELLIGENCE is privileged to work with the company ************ which specializes in providing web-hosting for some of the most well-known, high-profile individuals within the entertainment industry.

This sort of high-profile client base invariably attracts the attention of the most aggressive and proficient attackers looking to score invaluable and delicate professional and personal data.

The data could consist of arrival-and-departure dates, credit card numbers and other important information. During an average day ************ could easily receive up to 18,000+ emails. In some cases, over 16,000 of those emails are classified as threats or – at best – are deemed: “questionable”.

Along with this important level of protection, SkOUT SECURE INTELLIGENCE also protects their “Front Door” as we are their doorway to the internet and the numerous threats received from all over the world.  ************ regularly rely on SkOUT to support their cybersecurity efforts and protect their clients’ data.

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