First of its Kind Report Examines Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Delivered by MSPs

SKOUT Cybersecurity, a Top 250 MSSP, releases a report that reflects how MSPs are offering managed security services through the emerging “cyber-as-a-service” model.

SKOUT Cybersecurity released its first annual Cyber-as-a-Service Report for MSPs. This report surveyed a group of MSPs in order to provide a comprehensive look at the current state of the cybersecurity landscape and uncovered the development of a new field of MSPs delivering cyber-as-a-service solutions to end users. The report also offered an in-depth analysis on how MSPs can use these solutions to drive growth and success to their businesses in 2021.

While compiling demographic data from survey respondents, SKOUT discovered that only a small majority of respondents that did not call themselves a MSSP would consider identifying themselves as MSSPs. This data indicated that a new sub-category of managed security services entirely distinct from the MSSP field. The report also provided valuable insights into how these surveyed MSPs currently sell and deliver cybersecurity, and how the cyber-as-a-service field emerged in response to trends in the cybersecurity landscape, such as the ongoing transition to the widely accepted managed services business model, the global shortage of cyber talent, and the growing demand for managed security services in the SMB space.

The report also offered projections on the future of the cyber-as-a-service landscape, such as the need for additional layers of protection to address the survey respondents’ greatest concerns. It also offered suggestions on how MSPs could mitigate risks by offering underutilized cyber services into their package and create key areas of revenue.

SKOUT was also able to gain valuable insights into how end users and prospects currently perceive cybersecurity. For example, a majority of surveyed MSPs stated that their prospects sought out cybersecurity solutions out of concern about potential cyber risk, but still object to the cost of investing in cyber. However, the Cyber-as-a-Service Report’s findings still indicate that the current landscape for managed security services is quickly maturing.

To collect these findings, SKOUT gathered data from a variety of MSPs, including both SKOUT partners and non-affiliated MSPs in 2020. The Cyber-as-a-Service survey asked respondents for demographic data in order to understand how they currently operate and offer cybersecurity services to end users and identified areas of opportunity for MSPs looking to grow their business by offering highly effective protection. 

For more information on SKOUT’s full findings, you can download the report here.