Establishing Ideal Customer Profiles for Your MSP

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When you write a sales email to get replies, it can be disheartening to hear “no” from a prospect. But if you get any response at all, it can be considered a success – you were able to filter out an opportunity that would not have worked. So this week, we want to help you nail down what kind of client will give you a strong opportunity.  

And to help make cold prospecting and outreach a little easier for you, here are some sales email templates that you can send to cold prospects. 


Your prospect understands that you can’t cut corners with cyber

One of the top reasons it’s difficult to sell cyber is the fact that many SMBs think investing in cyber solutions is too expensive. That’s why it can be so challenging to convince decision makers that their antiviruses aren’t enough anymore.

If a prospect doesn’t understand cyber risk or admit that security is a problem for themselves or their customers, it’s vital that you either convince them that they need to address any gaps in their current security, or you won’t be able to offer the end-to-end protection that they need from today’s cyber criminals.

Thankfully, more and more customers are becoming aware of the threats in today’s cyber landscape – 33% of the MSPs we’ve spoken with have mentioned end user concerns about cyber risk as a top reason their clients sought out cyber solutions.

Your prospect supports their employees and has a loyal team around them

Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering why this is relevant but hear me out: A prospect that doesn’t value their employees will likely struggle to retain their team.

And with a revolving door of employees, that means you and your MSP’s team will be left to deal with extra onboardings, regular deactivation of accounts and privileges to make sure threat actors don’t have vulnerable attack vectors to target.

Every MSP is different, and depending on your team size, your tech stack, and what you do for cybersecurity, you’ll have different capabilities and preferences in your clients – so now may be a good time to evaluate your current client base and think about what qualities you see in your best clients so you can go out and try to acquire new ones.

Establishing some quantifiable criteria for your ideal customer

We may live in a Work-From-Anywhere environment, but you’ll want to establish:

  • How many users and devices your ideal client will have, whether it’s 5 devices or 200 users.
  • How far you’re willing to travel to support a customer in the event that you’ll need to offer on-site support.
  • What industries your MSP supports – are you prepared to help healthcare firms and professionals with compliance? Looking to help car dealerships protect personal information? Or are you targeting small manufacturers or other local firms?

This week’s complimentary resources

This week, we’ve got two complimentary cold email templates for you to use as a cold introduction to new customers. You can download them here: