A division of the multi-national, multi-billion-dollar media company ********* produces events with high-level keynote speakers. These keynote speakers are notified of any changes to the events’ schedules and itineraries through an in-house events application.

Recently, a pharmaceutical company hired ********* to conduct and manage an important upcoming conference. On the day of the event, the scheduled keynote speaker did not show up.

When contacted by ********* event staff as to their whereabouts, the speaker provided an Event Cancellation Notice they had received.

SkOUT SECURE INTELLIGENCE investigated what appeared to at first be merely a SNAFU – and quickly determined a disgruntled former employee had exploited a vulnerability in the system code in order to execute the fraudulent cancellation notice to the speaker, purposefully causing major frustration and reputational damage to both the pharmaceutical company and ********* .

Upon pursuing this hypothesis, SkOUT was able to prove this breach – among other vulnerabilities – existed. The hacker was identified and dealt with, and the system was quickly secured, and the weakness was eradicated.

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