An X-Rated Case of Extortion

The company *********** contacted SkOUT SECURE INTELLIGENCE and informed them their Managing Director had received a suspicious “Sextortion” email that detailed the Managing Director’s current password.

Additionally, the Sextortionist’s email notified *********** that malware had been installed on their computer and all of their activities were being recorded. The Sextortionist informed the Managing Director that they

had recorded them watching pornographic sites via their browser and webcam – and would release those recordings to their family members unless the Managing Director paid the Sextortionist a substantial sum in untraceable cryptocurrency.

SkOUT analyzed both the email and the Dark Web and determined the Sextortionist had found the Managing Director’s password on the Dark Web – and did NOT have actual access to their computer. The Managing Director was advised by SkOUT to not pay the ransom, and the Sextortionist’s malicious attempt at blackmail was foiled.

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