‘A combination of Red Cross, the police and’



“Everyone is out there making everyone afraid.” Aidan Kehoe has definite ideas about how security companies should do business – and spreading fear without giving people solutions is not it. “The whole idea of scaring people is not helpful. You have to have answers and real practical advice.”

Kehoe’s company, SKOUT Cybersecurity, specialises in providing those solutions.

“You have people pretending they have expertise. What customers are looking for is a human touch, and someone who can do what they say they are going to do.”

Kehoe’s company hit the headlines in recent weeks when it emerged the firm – formerly known as Oxford Solutions – had been acquired by the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Steve Ross.

The deal was reported to be worth $30 million, and Kehoe retains an ownership in the firm as part of the deal.

I say “reported” because the actual figure hasn’t been confirmed. Neither will Kehoe confirm his exact ownership stake in the firm these days, preferring instead to point out that he doesn’t work for free.

“I own more of the company today than I did previously. The transaction was complicated,” he said. “We’re excited about the future of the business, and I’ve invested a lot in the future.”

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