5 reasons you should NOT partner with SKOUT

At SKOUT, we believe wholeheartedly in our mission to make cybersecurity accessible for everyone. 

We think cyber-as-a-service is a game changer for MSPs and the cyber landscape. 

We drink our own Kool-Aid (in a strictly non-cult like context). 

But we’re not perfect – and not everyone loves SKOUT. 

And maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve been able to remediate every customer breach in minutes, and you don’t have any trouble managing your security stack AND your sales at the same time. 

If you’re on the fence about partnering with SKOUT for your cybersecurity offering, we created this rundown with all the reasons you shouldn’t take advantage of SKOUT’s products.  

You already have a full security stack. 

As you should! The cyber landscape is always changing, and new threats are always emerging.  

If you have a foolproof security stack that covers every endpoint from every incident of ransomware, business email compromise, and meets literally every compliance standard on Earth, then maybe you don’t need SKOUT. 


Or maybe you have so many solutions that you think you’re prepared for any eventuality, and you need to see a return on your investment before you invest in anything else. 

We hear you. 

That’s why SKOUT can guarantee that you see a ROI on your current security stack. 

We developed our platform to work with your existing cyber solutions to double your security and to make sure you’re putting your solutions to good use. We also offer integrations with several IT automation and authentication apps, so you can centralize your security suite and view all of your customers’ data from one great dashboard.  

You don’t use AI in your products because you are worried about it becoming sentient and destroying the human race.  

That’s fair, I wouldn’t want the latest dancing robot doing a tango on my grave either. And if you’ve loaded your signature-based antivirus with every potential sign of compromise ever, maybe you don’t need SKOUT’s solutions. 

But cybersecurity is not a destination, it’s a journey. New vulnerabilities will always emerge, and if you fall victim to a zero-day attack, your customers and their systems will not be safe. 

SKOUT’s cutting edge algorithms can keep up with modern threats and monitor for the latest malware, ransomware and phishing campaigns. 

And we make sure there’s a human touch to our security experience – one of our analysts is always on standby to help you with remediation.  

You already have a full 24x7x365 SOC. 

If you have a 24x7x365 SOC, congratulations! You’ve truly gone the extra mile as an MSP, and you must truly care about your customers’ safety to do so. 

But I have just two questions for you. 

  1. How much does it cost to keep your SOC up and running? 
  1. How much are you paying your cybersecurity team to work around the clock? Do you have enough analysts to handle every potential incident? 

Let’s face the truth: Delivering cybersecurity is hard. Even if you have the money AND the resources to build a dedicated solution from the ground up, it’s impossible to find the talent you need to offer a managed cyber solution. 

SKOUT solves those problems for you, at an affordable price. 

We hired accredited SOC analysts, and we make remediation easy by giving our MSP partners one number to call, and a direct connection to a SOC analyst with every alert you receive. 

Your clients have never had any cybersecurity issues or breaches and they always listen to your advice.  

In a perfect world, your prospects and customers immediately grasp cyber risk, invest in your full security stack, onboarding goes perfectly, finds nothing on your customer’s systems and everyone lives happily ever after.  


Your customers are running businesses too – and the truth is that they’re looking for lower cost solutions to their problems.  

And if they haven’t been breached, they don’t understand what’s at stake. Hours of downtime, the trust of their clients, and the money you could lose by replacing irrecoverable equipment.  

SKOUT has a proven sales process that is designed to help people understand the importance of protecting their data with cyber solutions. 

In the event that your powers of persuasion need an additional boost, we’ve got you covered. 

Every prospect you contact is returning all of your calls and emails. 

If you can get every prospect to respond to you immediately, in a Work From Home environment while everyone’s inboxes are close to overflowing, you’re a sales and marketing wizard.  

In fact, you should probably pursue a career in sales. Any company would jump at the chance to hire someone who could communicate that effectively with prospects.  

But the truth is, although this would be a sales leader’s nirvana, it’s also not realistic. 

People aren’t picking up the phone anymore. Emails inevitably bounce or drown at the bottom of a prospect’s inbox.  

SKOUT offers GTM support and a full library of sales and marketing resources for you to use to educate and draw in your ideal prospects. 

You’ll save time creating social media content and sales emails, and we’ll help you hone your sales process so you’ll be closing more deals than ever before.  

At this point, you get it. 

And we hope that this little rundown has convinced you that SKOUT is the way forward for your cybersecurity staff. 

We’re itching to help you get started – by optimizing your security offering, helping you with your sales and marketing efforts, and giving you one dashboard, one turnkey partner, and one number to call for remediation.  

You can take your first step with us here.