4 Tips to Sharpen Your MSP’s Copy

Welcome back to the MSP Sales and Marketing Tips!

This week, we’re giving you 4 tips to sharpen your copywriting into words that will effectively sell and market cyber to SMBs. And we’re also giving Toolkit subscribers an exclusive preview of our 40-post social media pack, which we’ll be releasing later this week for everyone to use. 


​​​Write like you talk

When you’re re-reading your sales emails or your latest LinkedIn post, ask yourself – does the voice behind the copy sound real?

If you need some help getting there, try saying what you write aloud. Don’t be afraid to address the reader and take a value-based approach.

MSP sales reps can always talk about how with their MSP, you’ll get one number that you can reach out to for any technical problem your business faces.

And if you want to sharpen your messaging on the security side of your MSP’s offering, consider talking about how your end user will have a security platform that evolves with the cyber criminals in their pocket. They won’t have to waste time updating their computers on company time, because your MSP’s security is proactive, learning, and ready to stand up to the latest threats. 

Keep it simple!

With security, it’s easy to dive into the technical talk and explain exactly what your security solutions can do for a client. 

But straightforward, outcome-based messaging can be a great way to explain your MSP’s value to a prospect, and the shorter, the better. 

After all, attention spans are shorter than ever, and you only have a few sentences to make your messaging really count. 

What makes your MSP truly unique?

Your MSPs might have a cutting-edge security platform, but you may not have the brand recognition that major legacy AV vendors like McAfee might have.

That’s why it’s important to show how unique your product is. If you use Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR, for example, you might put together an opening line for your security page that looks like this:

“24/7 AI-powered monitoring and protection for your business. Backed by real security experts.” 

As MSPs continue to emerge as a major force in the managed security services, you’ll have to continue to refine your messaging and develop your value proposition to stand out.

A formula to help you develop that messaging

A strong value proposition should talk about what makes your product stand out, but it should also talk about how convenient it is to use your product – can they fill out your website contact form in 3 minutes?

You could push that as a good, quick way to get started. If you have a short onboarding time, maybe you could include how fast that is in your proposition. 

You can also talk about how you solve your client’s top pain point, whether that’s the time you lose solving a technical problem or configuring your security settings during business hours.

So to summarize: Your value proposition should put: What Sets Your MSP Apart + Convenience The Most Powerful Pain Point You Solve.

This week’s trivia question and resource

​​​​​​According to 25% of the MSPs we’ve surveyed, lack of end user buy-in is their top pet peeve. This week, we’d like to ask you an open-ended question – and you can use this answer to convince a hesitant prospect.

Why are legacy antiviruses not an effective layer of protection anymore?

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